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Annual General Meeting minutes

The first Annual General Meeting for the University Health Network occurred on September 15th, 1999. Series includes the contents of a binder labeled “Annual General Meeting Minutes Jun 1947-2005”. This binder included minutes of the University Health Network’s Annual General Meetings (1999-2005) as well as the minutes of the Annual Meetings of the Subscribers of its predecessor corporations The Toronto Hospital (1987-1998) and the Toronto General Hospital (1947-1986). The original purpose of these meetings was to elect Trustees. The annual meeting was extended to several meetings in 1947 and 1949 due to a lack of nominations. Minutes from September 17, 1997 are missing. Most minutes are signed originals.

University Health Network. Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees fonds

Fonds consists of two series of minutes, from the hospital’s Annual General Meetings and Board of Trustees meetings respectively:

2.1 Annual General Meeting minutes
2.2 Minutes of the Board of Trustees

University Health Network. Board of Trustees

Caring Together

Series consists of copies of Caring Together, The Toronto Hospital’s staff newsletter after the merger between OCI/PMH and TTH. This newsletter combined the news and information formerly reported in the separate publications OCI Post and Caring. The design of the newsletter reflected the new partnership with both logos being combined into one and the colours of the separate hospitals (yellow and blue) seen merging together.

The inaugural issue of Caring Together was first published on September 19, 1997 as Vol 1, Number 1. When The Toronto Hospital changed its name to University Health Network in 1999, Caring Together continued with the same name and volume and issue numbering. The only change was the subheading which now read “A newsletter for and about the staff of University Health Network”. The last issue as Caring Together was Volume 4, Number 45 from November 6, 2000. Beginning with the November 13th issue, the newsletter changed its name to UHN News but continued with the same numbering.

Issues were arranged chronologically by volume in separate binders. Some issues of ITF News, from the Integration Task Force, have been inserted. There are quite a few missing issues of Caring Together. From Volume 2, issues 26, 30, 36 and 37 are missing. From Volume 3, issues 2, 4, 13-17, 19-21, 23, 25, 27, 32, 36, 38, 40, 43-44, and 49 are missing. From Volume 4, issues 6-7, 10, 17-18, 20, 25-30, 33-34, and 43 are missing.

There is no Volume 2, issue 3 in existence. During printing what should have been Volume 2, issue 3 was incorrectly labeled Volume 2, issue 4.

University Health Network. Public Affairs & Communications

Health Records Services fonds

Fonds consists of 1 scrapbook of clippings and 4 colour photographs created by staff of the Medical Records Department of the Toronto General Hospital and staff of the Health Records Services of The Toronto Hospital. Clippings and photographs relate to the history of these two predecessor departments of UHN’s Health Records Services.

Ministry of Health reports and correspondence

Series consists of reports sent to the Ontario Ministry of Health and related correspondence. Content includes program proposals, funding decisions, budgets, decisions regarding grants for diagnostic and medical equipment, operating plan submissions, statistics for various services and patient volumes, consultant reports, various signed agreements, and correspondence and reports related to hospital restructuring.

File 9.1.1 includes A Vision for the Future: March 2004 / The Multi Organ Transplant Program, University Health Network / A Proposal for Operational Funding Submitted to the Ontario Ministry of Health & Long Term Care.

File 9.1.12 includes Report on Anaesthesia Services at the University Health Network and Mount Sinai Hospital in the Context of Academic Anaesthesia Services in Ontario : Submitted March 2003 to Dr. David McCutcheon, Assistant Deputy Minister, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care / By Dr. W. John S. Marshall.

File 9.1.19b includes a signed copy of the Hospital Lifts Initiative (Agreement No. 947) from March 16, 2006.

Minutes of the Board of Trustees

Series consists of minutes of the Board of Trustees. The first set of minutes for 1999 are still for The Toronto Hospital, University Health Network’s predecessor corporation. The corporation’s name change to University Health Network is reflected in the minutes for April 1999. Minutes were maintained in binders by the Secretary to the Board.

Miscellaneous Publications

Series consists of miscellaneous publications or documentation collected or created by the Department of Public Affairs & Communications during their regular course of business.

File 3.4.1 contains memoirs from Dr. E.A. McCulloch, which were excerpted into UHN News (both print and online versions) in 2008. It also includes a series of anecdotes of Dr. McCulloch’s interactions with notable people: J.C.B. Grant, Arthur Worth Ham, L. Siminovitch, Roscoe Graham, K.J.R. Wightman, Ian MacDonald, Harold Johns, and William Boyd.

File 3.4.2 was originally sent to Dr. Bob Bell from Dr. Bernard S. Goldman and includes a hand-written note explaining the origins of the sculpture on Elizabeth Street.

File 3.4.4 contains three issues of Strategic Directions@uhn, a periodic update published by Public Affairs and Communications about the UHN Strategic Directions long-term planning process. These are from June 2011, Fall 2011, and Winter 2002.

File 3.4.6 contains issues 1 and 2 of Vision Insight, the newsletter of the Joint Oncology Program of The Toronto Hospital and Princess Margaret Hospital. There are two versions of Volume 1, Number 1 in this file—one dated February 19, 1996 and one dated February 26, 1996. The content of the two versions is similar with some changes to content, formatting and style.

University Health Network. Public Affairs & Communications

Nutrition Services fonds

Fonds consists of 3 portraits of former Directors of Nutrition at Toronto General Hospital and The Toronto Hospital which had been framed and hung in the department. Portraits were for Miss Margaret Ketchen, Director of Nutrition (TGH) 1942-1967, Miss Helen Hood, Director of Nutrition (TGH) 1968-1988 (and working in the Department since 1948), and Frances Haley, Director of Nutrition Services (TTH) 1988-1999.

OCI 50th Anniversary Celebration records

Series consists of material created or accumulated by Jodi Braunton, Manager, Research Communications, in preparation for the 50th anniversary celebrations for the Ontario Cancer Institute (OCI). Series includes photocopies of background research on the history of OCI, information on James Till, publisher’s galley for E.A. McCulloch’s book “The Ontario Cancer Institute: Successes and Reverses at Sherbourne Street”, and original correspondence from H.E. Johns to Dr. C.L. Ash and Mr. N.C. Urquhart regarding Dr. John’s acceptance of the position of Senior Physicist at OCI in 1955.

University Health Network. Research

OCI/PMH Media Releases

Series consists of media releases/news releases accumulated by the Public Affairs Advisor for the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. Media releases were written and accumulated by predecessors in this office and arranged in reverse chronological order in three binders. Files have been kept in the arrangement of the original binders.

University Health Network. Public Affairs & Communications


Series consists of photographs accumulated by the Public Affairs and Communications department from their predecessor departments. Files 3.6.1 to 3.6.5 are large composite class photographs of students in the Armed Service Radiologists School at the Toronto General Hospital. Files 3.6.6 to 3.6.7 are photographs that were originally mounted and framed for display and had exhibit captions affixed to the back of one of the frames. The caption for file 3.6.6 read:

Private Patient’s Pavilion, 1940
The first of a series of photographs taken in the early 1940s. Most likely taken as a marketing tool for the Private Patient’s Pavilion (now called the Main Pavilion). View taken from the south, the Fell Pavilion now sits on the driveway.

The caption for file 3.6.7 read:

New Aid for Medical Research, circa 1967
“One of the world’s most powerful electron microscopes has been installed in Canada’s leading cancer research centre as the centennial gift of The Canada Life Assurance Company. Here Dr. T.C. Brown, chief pathologist of Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, examines the 3,200-pound instrument with A. H. Lemmon, president of Canada Life and president of the Canadian Life Insurance Association. The EM 300 will be used in the fight against cancer, arthritis, muscle degeneration, and diseases of the kidney, liver and skin. It is capable of magnifying an image 500,000 times.” 1967 photograph label.

Public Affairs & Communications fonds

Fonds consists of publications created by the Public Affairs & Communications department or its predecessors as well as miscellaneous publications and photographs accumulated by them. Fonds includes 9 series:

3.1 UHN Annual Reports
3.2 UHN News
3.3 UHN Media Releases
3.4 Miscellaneous Publications
3.5 Caring Together
3.6 Photographs
3.7 OCI/PMH Media Releases
3.8 Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Reports and Publications
3.9 Vice President, Public Affairs & Communications’ files

University Health Network. Public Affairs & Communications

Radiation Medicine fonds

Fonds consists of colour teaching slides used in the Radiation Therapy department. Most slides are without dates or identifying information. Any “patients” in the images are actually staff models.

Research Annual Reports

Series consists of printed Annual Reports from UHN Research. There is no printed report for 2007 as the annual report was only published electronically.

University Health Network. Research

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