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Toronto General Hospital fonds
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Accounts payable records

Sub-series consists of monthly summaries of accounts payable by the TGH, in the form of itemized lists of outstanding accounts showing name of creditor, amount owed and nature of the debt (i.e. “pay rolls”, “elevator licenses” etc.).

Acts and By-Laws

Sub-series consists of legislative bills and acts pertaining to the Toronto General Hospital, and by-laws adopted by the TGH Board of trustees and sanctioned by the Provincial Lieutenant-Governor in Council.

Administrative Council records

Series consists of the minutes of meetings of the Administrative Council January 1969-June 1970, and the minutes of meetings of the Executive Committee of the Administrative Council January 1969-February 1970.

Administrative records

Sub-series consists of minutes of clinic staff meetings, policy statements and medical notes issued by clinic administrators for the direction of staff in providing treatment and complying with Ontario Department of Health regulations and procedures concerning the reporting and treatment of venereal disease cases, correspondence of the Director of the Clinic, and statistics compiled by the Clinic documenting the volume and type of treatment provided.

Toronto General Hospital. Special Treatment Clinic

Annual Reports

Sub-series consists of annual reports prepared and published by the Director of the Ontario Institute of Radiotherapy. Reports summarize the work of the Institute in the year preceding and include information about Institute staff, financial statements, research reports and statistics outlining the volume of patient admissions and treatments.

Toronto General Hospital. Ontario Institute of Radiotherapy

Annual Reports

Sub-series consists of annual reports prepared and published by the Board of Trustees. Reports contain such information as lists of administrative and medical staff; statistics and/or departmental reports illustrating major hospital functions, services and activities; summary reports by the chairman of the Board of Trustees, the hospital’s chief executive officer, and the Director of the TGH School of Nursing; annual financial statements outlining the hospital’s revenues and expenses; photographs and illustrations depicting hospital buildings, facilities, services and staff.

From ca. 1920-1926 the TGH annual report was published in the form of a report by the Superintendent entitled “For the Common Good” (see files TG 2.1.4 to TG 2.1.6). From ca. 1926-1951 no annual report was published by the TGH.

File 1.2.8 contains TGH annual reports for the years 1905-1908 which were restored and bound together in November, 1988.

Toronto General Hospital. Board of Trustees

Applications for Internships

Sub-series consists of applications for positions on the intern staff, including academic transcripts, photographs, and personal and professional letters of reference.

Toronto General Hospital. Office of the Assistant Superintendent, Medical

Biochemistry records

Series consists of a bound notebook containing manuscript notes pertaining to the preparation of dialysis solutions for TGH artificial kidney patients May 1962-August 1966.

Board of Trustees records

Series consists of annual lists of appointments to the TGH medical staff; TGH annual reports; minutes of meetings of the Board and its subcommittees; correspondence; lists of members of the Board; materials relating to special events and ceremonies at the TGH; legislative acts and by-laws pertaining to the TGH; visitors registers; and documents pertaining to the management of property owned by and/ or endowed to the TGH. The series includes ten sub-series:

TG 1.1 Medical Staff Appointments
TG 1.2 Annual Reports
TG 1.3 Minutes
TG 1.4 Correspondence
TG 1.5 Membership Lists
TG 1.6 Special Events and Ceremonies
TG 1.7 Acts and By-Laws
TG 1.8 Visitors Registers
TG 1.9 Properties and Endowment
TG 1.10 Executive Committee records

Toronto General Hospital. Board of Trustees

Cardiovascular Investigation Unit records

Series consists of patient registers containing patient names and vital statistics, notations on treatments performed or recommended, diagnoses, and prognosis/follow-up recommendations.

Toronto General Hospital. Cardiovascular Investigation Unit

Certificates and Diplomas

Series consists of four certificates acknowledging completion of course in midwifery in the Lying-In (Maternity) Department 1886-1900, signed by the Chairman and Secretary of the TGH Board of Trustees, and by the Medical Superintendent; a diploma issued to TGH medical staff member Dr. C. Edward Cooper Cole by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario 1907; and various certificates acknowledging attendance at autopsies and competence to report post-mortem examinations, issued 1882-1916.

Chief Neurosurgical Residents

Sub-series consists of individual photographs of TGH Chief Neurosurgical Residents 1932-[198?]; correspondence between the former Residents and Dr. T.P. Morley 1980-1984, chiefly concerning the photographs; lists of TGH neurosurgical residents 1931-1980; and humorous verses composed for the Residents’ annual Christmas skits [195?]-1960.

Collected Research Papers

Sub-series consists of research papers by staff and consultants of the Ontario Institute of Radiotherapy, including Dr. G.E. Richards, Dr. H. Wookey and Dr. R.M Janes. The papers summarize developments in the radiological treatment of cancer at the Institute. Sub-series consists of one file:

5.3.1 Collected Papers from the Ontario Institute of Radiotherapy 1936

Toronto General Hospital. Ontario Institute of Radiotherapy

Comparative expense analysis records

Sub-series consists of quarterly comparative expense analyses for 1934-1935 (October-December only), 1935-1936, 1936-1937 (January-June only), 1940-1941, and 1941-1942. Analyses for 1937-1938, 1938-1939, and 1939-1940 are missing. Analyses are comparisons of Hospital expenses over a 12 - month period (e.g. October-December 1934 as compared with October-December 1935), classified by Hospital buildings, departments and type of expense.

Construction Projects

Sub-series consists of invoices, bid specifications, correspondence, contracts, grant applications, reports, and budgets related to various construction projects carried out at TGH.

Toronto General Hospital. Finance Department


Sub-series consists of correspondence to and from members of the Board of Trustees, legal counsel for the Trustees, and the Board Secretary. The greatest part of the materials contained in this Sub-series is correspondence from the chairman of the Board with subscribers to the TGH Building fund 1918-1934, including lists of subscribers and their commitments, letters of acknowledgment, receipts, subscription cards and invoices.

Toronto General Hospital. Board of Trustees

Correspondence (J. Turner)

Sub-series consists of the incoming and outgoing correspondence of J. Turner, who was TGH Comptroller from October 1971 to 1973 and the Director of Finance from 1974 to 1982. Correspondence is from the time he was Director of Finance.

File 32.7.1 contains correspondence, meeting notes, agendas and minutes relating to the TGH Board of Trustees Finance Committee.

File 32.7.2 contains correspondence between J. Turner and W.L. Louth, Vice-President - Operations on matters such as staff salaries, capital financing, grants, billings, and the preparation of financial statements.

Toronto General Hospital. Finance Department

Correspondence with Medical Advisory Board

Sub-series consists of correspondence between the Assistant Superintendent, Medical and the Medical Advisory Board concerning the medical management of the Hospital.

Sub-series has three files:
3.2.1. Correspondence, 1941
3.2.2. Correspondence, 1942
3.2.3. Correspondence, 1943

Toronto General Hospital. Office of the Assistant Superintendent, Medical

Department of Microbiology records

Series consists of the Department’s annual reports for the years 1985-1986 and 1986-1987, detailing the Department’s clinical and research activities.

Toronto General Hospital. Department of Microbiology

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