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George A. Drew Former Mayor of Guelph

This picture is of George A. Drew, Mayor of Guelph in 1925 and Canadian High Commissioner in London at the time of the photograph

Terry Fox in Guelph

This picture shows Terry Fox in Guelph on his Marathon of Hope.

Terry Fox in Guelph

This picture shows Terry Fox giving a signature to a Guelph resident during his Marathon of Hope.

Lieut. Col. F.T. Metcalf

This picture shows Lieut. Col. F.T. Metcalf as he leads the regiment on parade for the last time before handing over command to his successor.

Congregation Honors Church Officer

  • CA ON00126 F45-F45-0-1-F45-0-1-0-0-25
  • Pièce
  • November 13, 1961
  • Fait partie de Guelph Mercury fonds

This picture shows Edward Mitchell, church officer at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, retiring after 17 years of service. He is standing with Rev. Forbes Thomson, minister of the congregation and William Amos, clerk of session.

Gain Dominion-Provincial Bursaries

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  • Pièce
  • November 14, 1961
  • Fait partie de Guelph Mercury fonds

This picture shows four students being honoured at commencement ceremonies. They were among the first 41 of grade 13 students ever to graduate from John Ross Collegiate. From left, Sandra Sugarman, Sheila Wark, Robert Dickson, Fay Marsden.

Captain H.M. Oliver

This photograph shows Captain H.M. Oliver being awarded the Canadian Forces Decoration which is given after 12 years of military service by Lieut. Col. Colin MacDonald at the Guelph Armoury.

The 29th Battery, A World War 1 Unit

This photograph shows Guelph veterans and members of the 29th battery. Front: J.R. Keast, David Burnett, Doug Townsend. Back: A.A. McQueen, Wilf Precious, Tommy Hepburn, and Bill Levan.

Jean Little

This is a photograph of Guelph author Jean Little.

Nearly 300 attend conference

This picture shows a few of the 300 delegates who attended the Labour-Management Conference in Guelph.

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