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LOG 10th Anniversary Bonfire Ball

File contains a ticket for the ball, a business card for the centre the ball was held at, a membership list, a budget for the event, a banquet centre floor plan, a typed speech delivered by Sue Smee, a ticket information flyer, an advertisement fo...

LOG 1995

File contains meeting minutes and trip planning materials, a copy of an advertisement for LOG, and membership lists.

LOG 1996

File contains meeting minutes, an activity survey, planning materials for activities, a copy of an event advertisement, an activity report, membership lists, planning notes for a hiking trip to the Adirondacks, a map of the Adirondacks hiking trai...

LOG 1997

File contains meeting minutes, membership lists, an activity list, a special events committee questionnaire, a proposal for a PRIDE event, a copy of a hand-drawn map to a meeting, Mount Marcy Climbing expedition planning materials and maps, a copy...

LOG 1998

File contains LOG newsletters volume 1 numbers 1-4, a LOG registration form, meeting minutes, a membership list, an advertisement for a leadership training workshop, a financial report and budget, directions to Lac Poisson Blanc, notes planning a ...

LOG 1999

File contains LOG Newsletters volume 1 numbers 5-8, volume 2 numbers 1-2, an activity interests chart, meeting minutes, an activity schedule chart, a policy on fundraising, subsidies and cash advances, a member information pamphlet, a LOG activit...

LOG 2000

File contains LOG Newsletters volume 2 numbers 3-6, an activity interests chart, activity schedule charts, membership lists, planning documents for a trip to Lake Placid, and maps of Lake Placid.

LOG 2001

File contains LOG Newsletters volume 2 number 7-9, volume 3 number 1, activity schedule charts, activity interests charts, Meet n Greet event ideas, emails regarding a Meet n Greet meeting, Meet n Greet volunteer guidelines, and membership lists

LOG 2002

File contains LOG Newsletters volume 4 number 1, volume 5 number 1, volume 3 number 1, volume 8 number 7, an activity schedule chart, speech notes thanking the coordinating committee, and membership lists.

LOG 2003

File contains LOG Newsletters volume 3 numbers 4-5, volume 4 number 1, activity schedule charts, and membership lists.

LOG 2004

File contains LOG Newsletters volume 4 number 2, numbers 4-5, volume 5 numbers 2-3, activity schedule charts, a LOG activity form, a LOG camp newsletter, and membership lists.

LOG 2005

File contains LOG Newsletters volume 5 numbers 4-6, volume 6 numbers 1-2, activity schedule charts, membership lists, emails planning a Lake Placid trip, and trail maps and information for the Lake Placid trip.

LOG 2006

File contains LOG Newsletters volume 6 number 3-5, volume 7 number 1-3, activity schedule charts, Lake Placid reservations, and membership lists.

LOG Activities: Boat Cruise

File contains a report on a boat cruise trip and its partial subsidization through ticket sales from dances organized by LOG, an invoice for the cruise, an expense report for the trip and a membership list.

LOG Activities: Canoe Clinic

File contains notes planning a canoe workshop, educational materials on canoeing for members, a guide for canoe leaders, a membership list, and a Canoe Camping Club Handbook from the YMCA-YWCA.

LOG Activities: Canoeing

File contains printed emails with meeting minutes regarding upcoming canoe trips, a membership list, notes planning trips for the year, member contact information and canoe preferences.

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