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Roy Belshaw Waterous Collection
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Company History

Series consists of a box of historical articles, photos and newspaper clippings about the Waterous companies. A binder containing histories of Koehring subsidiaries 1966-1969. A scrapbook covering the Waterous centennial in July 1944 and a photo album of Waterous war production 1939-1945. Two copies of the Brantford Expositor for the semi-centennial of the City of Brantford in 1927.

Employee-Related Material

Three minute books of the Brantford Lodge 1105 of the International Association of Machinists 1945-1956, Waterous/AMCA Quarter Century Club 1946-1981 and Waterous Employees Credit Union 1952, 1991. A file on M. Helen Straith, Waterous’ first draftswoman, as well as newspaper clippings, seniority lists and other textual material on Waterous employees.

Insurance Appraisals

Series includes bound volumes, covering the appraisals in 1912, 1941, 1947 and 1955. Each assessement includes a complete inventory as well as an assessment of the value of the building, machinery and other items in the Waterous factory in Brantford.

Koehring-Waterous Negatives

Photos of Koehring-Waterous Ltd. products relating to pulp and paper (grinders, chippers, beaters and screens) governors and asphalt plants. Also some photos of the company’s machine shop and assembly floor.

Legal Agreements, Charters, Deeds, Mortgages, and Wills

Series consists of a large number of legal documents relating to the company's various charters, patents, deeds, mortgages and other articles of agreement. There are many loose documents and items of correspondence. The material has been sorted into general categories for mortgages, deeds, etc.


Series consists minutes of the Directors of the Waterous Engine Works Co. 1874-1926, Waterous Ltd. 1926-1953 and Canadian Koehring-Waterous Co. Ltd. 1953-1957. Early volumes include information concerning shareholders and shareholders’ minutes. Also the minutes and other inserted documents relating to shareholders meetings of the Waterous Ltd. 1926-1953 and Koehring-Waterous Ltd. 1953-1981.

Order Books

Series consists of an order book containing data on Waterous’ orders 1890-1905 as well as five books containing orders and specifications for boiler construction 1912-1946. Also two order books for McEwen stationary steam engines manufactured by Waterous 1898-1924.

Product Catalogs, Manuals and Price Lists

The series includes a rare illustrated catalogue of the Waterous product range circa 1875. Other illustrated product catalogs are from 1890-1892, many of them annotated by their original owners, as well as loose product sheets and cards. Products covered range from sawmills to steam engines and boilers. Also 5 manuals and 6 brochures relating to excavators, cranes, and pulp grinders, built by the Koehring Co., 1954-1967.

Roy Belshaw Waterous Collection

  • CA ON00419 WAT
  • Collection
  • 1837-2009, predominantly 1890-1970

The collection consists of engineering drawings, photographic material, company records, employee records, product catalogues, company research, and other material relating to Waterous equipment, plant operations, and the employees of the Waterous Engine Works Co. 1874-1926, Waterous Ltd. 1926-1953 and Koehring-Waterous Ltd. 1953-1992. Textual records consist of corporate history, directors and shareholder’s minutes, order books, insurance appraisals, letters patents, deeds and mortgages, financial ledgers, stocks and bond issues, and brochures. There is also research by Roy Belshaw and his related correspondence. The engineering plans consist of 1773 drawings 1894-1931, mostly 1908-1931. Graphic material consists of 402 glass plate negatives, 171 negatives, 384 photographic prints, 1880-1960.

Waterous Engine Works Company

Roy Belshaw and Family

Series consists of Waterous employment files for Samuel, Wilfred and Roy Belshaw 1921-1969. Roy Belshaw’s apprenticeship papers 1941-1944 and 25 year certificates 1971. Belshaw’s correspondence and research files show him as the unofficial historian of the Waterous companies and its products 1966-2009. Also his photo album of the empty Waterous factory, its demolition and site redevelopment 1992-1995.

Waterous Engineering Drawings

Series consists of engineering drawings produced by the Waterous drafting office for its internal needs and for external clients. Machinery includes circular and band sawmills including log handling equipment, power transmission systems and Big and later New Champion edgers. In the 1920s there are drawings for auxillary eqipment for pulp and paper mills including log conveyors, log grinders, beaters, vats, tanks and Voith screens. Clients included large numbers of small sawmills as well as large wood producers including in Price Brothers, Dalhousie Lumber Co. J.R. Booth, James Maclaren Co. and many others across New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario. Waterous also did heavy engineering work such as oil tanks for K.C. Irving and a coal plant for Quaker Mills in Peterborough, Ontario. Plans were prepared for clients in England, France, British East and West Africa, India, Japan as well as numerous pulp and paper mills in the northern United States. The plans are organized by plan number and generally give the name of the client, name of project/part name and date.

Waterous Engineering Drawings Microfilm

Series consists of 26 reels of 35 mm microfilm containing A, B, C, and D size technical drawings produced by the Waterous Engine Works between 1905 and 1907. Reel 27 contains a three part index. These microfilms were made in 1947 and early 1948. The films do not include the early drawings of the company, many of which are in the CSTM Waterous Drawings Collection. Not all of the drawings on the microfilms are legible.

Waterous Glass Plate Negatives

Series consists of 8 x 10 inch glass plate negatives of Waterous road equipment, ranging from steam traction engines to fire trucks, ladder and hose trucks and road rollers. The photo numbers start at 236 and go to 3954, with one additional plate numbered 5329.

Waterous Large Negatives

The series consists of 8 x 10 negatives of Waterous Company products ranging from fire equipment to road rollers. There are a large number of unidentified negatives in this series.

Waterous Oversize Prints

Some unidentified group photos of Waterous employees, five photos of members of the Waterous 25 Year Club 1944-1982. Three prints of Brantford sports teams “Homedale Tigers” 1913, “Waterous F.C.” 1936-1938 and “Waterous Ladies Basketball Club” 1945. Large prints of the Waterous factory, foundry, machine shop, tool room and assembly building.

Waterous Photographic Prints

Series includes two boxes of un-numbered and numbered photos of Waterous equipment, factory, yard, homes, and etc., mostly from the Waterous period, but with 27 prints from the Koehring-Waterous years. There is also an index listing Waterous and Koehring-Waterous photos with captions and dates. The information on photos before Photo 2801 (October 1927) was lost in a fire.

Waterous Small Negatives

Series consists of 45 3 x 5 negative copies of selected images from the glass plate series covering fire fighting equipment and equipment demonstrations. Fifteen of the images have no negative number. These copies were made in 2005.