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Tom Long Local History Collection (Second Accrual)
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"Echoes from the Minute Books: Notes on the Proceedings of the Board of Police of Port Hope, 1834-1849"

File consists of an essay written by H. R. S. Ryan on the 100th anniversary of the Baldwin Act. The essay was published in "Ontario History" in 1950 under the title "Echoes from the Minute books: Notes on the proceedings of the Board of police of Port Hope, 1834-1849" pages 184-204. The essay details early history of the town and its residents. Footnotes are given to document sources. It also includes the original transcript of the essay by H. R. S. Ryan.

Alfred Henry Long of the Midland Regiment Papers

File consists of the military papers of Alfred H.C. Long, 1910-1916. It includes: Certificate of Military Instruction, Infantry Branch, 1910; 46th Regiment, School of Signaling, Certificate of Military Instruction, 28 Apr 1911; Certificate of Military Instruction 24 Jun 1913; 46th Regiment, Certificate of Military Instruction, Field Officer, 1916; Certificate of Military Instruction of Musketry Instruction, 1916; Regimental Fund Account, 136th Durham Overseas Battalion, C. E. F. 1915-1916; Battalion Order # 112. Second page duplicated. Syllabus of training, May 13, 1916 Commanding 136th Durham Overseas Battalion, Port Hope; Militia Orders, 21 May 1910, A. H. C. Long listed, 46th Regiment; Appointments, Promotions and Retirements, Canadian Militia, 1914; Letter to Major A. H. C. Long, junior Major from Lt. Col. R. W. Smart regarding Smart's resignation, 1916.

Beaver Athletic Association 30th Anniversary Programme

Item is a 30th Anniversary Programme created for the Beaver Athletic Association (BAA) by Dave Doherty. Dave has signed the booklet to Tom on the front cover. Programme reviews the history of the BAA in Port Hope and was released during the Young Canada Day Weekend February 8-9, 1980. Primarily a photographic history of the BAA, most of the photographs have been identified. Also contains local advertising. Removed from Long Cabinets "Sports Teams."

Correspondence of W. A. Craick

File consists of correspondence between Tom Long and W. Arnott Craick, author of "Little Tales of Old Port Hope" from 1964-1966. During this time Peter Schulz of the Port Hope Guide wished to reprint the book. Correspondence concerns the reprinting, receiving permission for reprinting and photograph sources.

Long, Norman Thomas

Eastview Heights Subdivision Plans

File consists of the plans for the Eastview Heights Subdivision, Part Lots 5 & 6 and part of the road allowance between Lots 6 & 7, Con 2, Township of Hope. Key on left side give dimensions of lots. Copy was registered with the Registry Office on 9 Jan 1969; and Proposed Longview Plan of subdivision owned by Port Hope Development Company Limited. Eastview Heights is Part of Lots 5 & 6, and part of the road allowance between Lots 6 & 7, Con 2, Township of Hope. Area is now part of the town of Port Hope. Topographic and rough plan of subdivision. Removed from "Port Hope Dev. Co. - Eastview" file, Long Cabinets.

George Brogden and Thomas Henderson Trial

File consists of a make shift envelope of paper and wax. Reads "October 31, 1856". A paper containing the trial of George Brogden for the murder of Thomas Henderson". "The Property of R. L. Benson" is written in personal pencil; and page 4 of the Daily Colonist has an editorial on the Brogden trial and how the verdict may have been arrived at. Removed from "Brogden Family (Trial)" file Long Cabinets.

John Helm Property Plans

File consists of five (5) documents from the John Helm property, 1898-1913. It includes: (1) hand drawn map, 13 Sep 1898; (2) detailed hand-drawn map. Drawn on the back of the Port Hope Times letterhead, J. B. Trayes Editor and Proprietor; (3) J. H. Helm Iron Founder invoice, c. 1890; (4) J. H. Helm Iron Founder invoices, c. 1900; (5) Plan of property owned by John Helm estate; Grand Trunk Railway; A. & R. Sly, J. Wade.

John Smart Probate

Item is the Last Will and Testament of John Smart, Town of Port Hope. Executors: John Elias Smart, Accountant, Port Hope; Annie Sophia Smart, Spinster, Port Hope; Alfred Merritt Smart, Insurance Agent, London. Witnessed by Seth S. Smith and J.D. Smith.

Land Records for Lot 28, Con 1 in Hope Township

File consists of land records for Lot 28, Con 1 in Hope Township, 1817-1904. It includes: "Indenture of Bargain and Sale, Jonathan Walton and Elias Smith to James Hawkins," 1817; Deed, conveys and transfers to Francis Little from the University and College of Toronto, 1856; Deed between Mrs. Anne Wade, et al to Harriett Day, 1904; Mortgage, Harriett Day and Thomas B. Chalk, et al Trustees, 1904.

Methodist Church Services Programme

Item is a programme from Port Hope Methodist Church, Rev. E. B. Lancely, Pastor. The programme is for Sunday morning and evening services for 1 Dec 1901; celebrating the third anniversary of the Methodist Sunday School. "T. Long" written on back. Removed from Long Cabinets "United Church" file.

Peterborough and Port Hope Railway Company Correspondence

File consists of ten (10) documents of correspondence regarding the Peterborough and Port Hope Railway Company. It includes: (1) Diagram of store lot and shop, Walton Street, 1876; (2) Copy re: land rental - store belonging to John Smart on Walton Street, 1854; (3) Letter from Thomas Benson, re: the lease of store from John Smart via Foster and Carson; (4) Letter to T. Benson from John Smart, 1854; (5) Copy of letter to directors, 1854; (6) Letter to Thomas Benson from John Smart, 1853; (7) Letter to John Smart from T. Benson, 1854; (8) Letter from E. P. Smith regarding property for railway; (9) 1854 document. Sidney Smith, Duncan McLeod and Charles Hughes; (10) Midland Railway Memorandum to John Smart Esq., Port Hope 1876.

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