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Tom Long Local History Collection
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Alfred Long Invoices and Memberships

File consists of the following: G. A. Outram Invoice, 1914; G. N. Patterson, 1914; F. H. Brown, 1914; Louis E. Hall, 1914; Bryan Sherry, 1914; Knights of Pythias, 1929; Odd Fellows Membership, 1928 and 1929.

Copper Plate NHL Map of Port Hope

Item is a copper printing plate of a map of Port Hope. The map has the town divided into NHL hockey leagues. This plate is believed to be connected to the Beaver Athletic Association little NHL hockey league, 1940s-1960s.

Diaries of Alfred Long, 1898-1902

Series consists of three (3) diaries of Alfred H. C. Long, born in Port Hope and spent time in western Canada. It includes: (1) September 1, 1898 Port Hope; (2) October 1899, Port Hope; (3) 1900-1902.

Envelopes from Port Hope Businesses

File consists of envelopes from various Port Hope businesses, including: F. W. Wilson Ford Dealership; Geo. Wilson & Son "The Guide;" Port Hope Old Boys Grand Re-union, 1901; W. H. Trott, Photographer; The Port Hope Evening Guide; Canadian Northern Ontario Railway; Mr. F. W. Wilson; W. G. Wilson; Some of the envelopes have not been addressed. Others are addressed to Mrs. James E. Schwartz, F. Wilson and Mr. Long.

"In My Garden" Book

Item is a copy of "In My Garden" by Jean Kilby Rorison, part of the Ryerson Poetry Chap-Books. Also included are 20 additional pages believed to be in Jean Kilby Rorison's hand-writing with poems. Some typed pages. Also newspaper clippings with her poems. Note included with the holding indicates the pieces were collected before 1954.

Long, Norman Thomas

Invoices, Booklets, Advertisements, and By-laws

File consists of various business documents, including: Hope Masonic Lodge Program, 1917; Mark F. Smith; Post Card, Hon. A. B. Aylesworth; London Mutual Fire Insurance, 1902 Notebook; Watson's Drug Store - Port Hope "Tea Mart;" William Cowdy, Photographer; Port Hope Club, Constitution and Bylaws, 1922 (2 copies); James Reynolds, 1907 (Walking to Toronto); G. N. Patterson, letterhead, 1914; OMHS Notice.

J.T. Stephenson Book of Psalms and New Testament

File consists of two (2) volumes: Book of Psalms and The New Testament (only Matthew and Mark). Both volumes are inscribed with the following message: "To my aunt Miss J T Stephenson A Souvenir of my visit to Canada in the summer of 1860" dated "Port Hope 28 Sep 60."

"Julia B. Merrill" Painting

Item is a painting by Canadian actor and artist Robert Imbert Orchard (1909-1991). Oil, unframed painting. Written on verso: "Painted by Robert Imbert Orchard when a student in J. W. Beatty's class at Corbett's Mill, Port Hope. The "Julia B. Merrill" ship painted in Port Hope harbour 1928. She was afterwards burnt at Sunnyside August 1931 to amuse the public. One of the last lake schooners had been a rum runner, then was carrying coal." Orchard would have been 19 years of age when he painted this. He had returned to Port Hope for a visit in the summer of 1928, which coincided with the fire of 1928 at Trinity College School.

Long Collection Photograph Album

Series consists of a thirty-six (36) page photograph album, with fifteen (15) pages of black and white and sepia coloured photographs. Photographs include Walton Street, Drill Shed on Queen Street, Midland Railway station, 1878 flood, rural scenes, unidentified family portraits. It also includes images from Cleveland.

Membership Cards, Invitations, Receipts, and Programs, Businesses and Organizations

File consists of a selection of papers, include loan notes, programs, in memorium, letters. Names of people include: Thomas Long, Charles Stewart, Joseph Harris, David Marshall; In Memoriam of Robert Glass; Businesses include: The Gas Company, Montreal Telegraph Company; Corporation of the Town of Port Hope, Ambrose & Winslow Highland Spring Brewer (copy), The Port Hope Brewing and Malting Co. (copy), Canada Radiator Co (copy), Lamb's Wool Knitting Works (copy), Globe File Mfg. Co (copy); Memorial Service for King Edward VII program; Program for an "Amateur Concert With Readings" issued by H. G. Gilmore, 1877, for a concert to be held at his Mill Street residence; Program for the Diamond Jubilee of the Confederation of Canada, 1867-1927, Port Hope ceremony; Program for Cobourg meeting of The Prince of Wales in 1932; Grand Concert of the Port Hope Choral Society, Tuesday April 15, 1884; Complimentary Supper to Charles Campbell Coleman under the auspices of the "Ontario" Lacrosse and Hockey Club at the Hotel St. Lawrence, Port Hope, March 6, 1902; Canadian Legion f the British Empire Service League membership card for Major Alfred Henry Charles Long issued January 26, 1927. Record of dues paid for 1929; Membership card for the Port Hope Skating & Curling Club Co. 1902-1903 season for A. H. C. Long; Invitation for the Ball & Supper - Port Hope Fire Department first annual Ball & Supper of the Extinguisher Hose Company February 24, 1897 at the Port Hope Town Hall. Floor committee: T. E. Burt, R. Ware, R. B. Gamble, W. H. Greenaway, T. Vanhorn. Reception Committee: Sid Hawkins, William Mackie, William Evans, Grant Marsh, Claude Davis, Stephen Jex, H. C. Brundrett, James Stone junior; Pieces collected by Tom Long (1916-1992), an avid collector of historical documents related to the history of Port Hope. Some of the pieces belonged to his father Alfred H. C. Long (d. 1929).

Mrs. J. E. Schwartz Receipts

File consists of an envelope with invoices addressed to Mrs. J. E. Schwartz, who resided at Hillcrest (175 Dorset Street West) on Dorset Street. Businesses included in this file are: Will Braund, John Barker, Geo. Bassett, Canadian Express Company, J. N. Brown, J. F. Clark, John Curran. 1901-1904 Port Hope business receipts/invoices.

Olde Tyme Christmas Papers

Series consists of documents related to the Olde Tyme Christmas, including: Programs, 1988-1991 for Old Tyme Christmas; Print list and lists; Chamber of Commerce newsletter - advertising Old Tyme Christmas; Miscellaneous notes and correspondence; Ticket Stubs; Signs and posters; Foam board sign; Photograph labels (30 pages); Receipt book; Newspaper clippings.

Long, Norman Thomas

Ontario Schooners and Steamships Information

File consists of a binder with information concerning schooners; listed pertaining to Great Lake schooner travel, mainly on Lake Ontario and having a connection to Port Hope and Cobourg. The information consists of photocopies of articles from Port Hope papers, including the Guide and the Watchman, as well as newspaper clippings from papers in the 1980s and 1990s.

Schooners listed include: Accommodation, Acorn, Ainsworth, Albacore, Albatross, Allen Mur, Alpha, America, Andrew Stevens, David Andrews, Anne Craig, Ann Jane Brown, Annie Maud, Arctic, Ariel, Augusta, Aurora, Ballou, B. A. Standard, Bermuda, Beverly, Bloomer, Buttles, Canada, Caroline, Caroline Marsh, Cavalier, Col. Posers, Comet, Countess of Dufferin, Dan Marble, Delaware, D. Freeman, Dolphin, E. H. Rutherford, Eliza Quinlan, Emblem, Emerald, Enterprise, Erie Belle, Exchange, Fail, Fanny Gardner, F & F Cole, F. H. Burton, Flora Carveth, Flora, Flora Emma, Forrest Queen, Frank Pierce, Freeman, French Barque, Frontenac, Game Cock, Garabaldi, Gentle Jane, Great Western, Hamilton & Scourge, Hunter, Iceburg, Indiana, Isabel, Jane Ann Marsh, Jessie Brown, Jessie Drummond, J. B. Skinner, J. J. Manley, J. P. Hale, John Walter, John Wesley, Julia B. Merrill, Keewatin, Key West, Lady Elgin, St. Lawrence, Leander, Lewis Ross, Lindsay, Lyman Davis, Magdalena, Magdala, Maid of the Mill, Marie Annette, Marquest, Mary, Mary & Lyndon, May Flower, Minniehaha, Miranda, Mohawk, Monsoon, Nellie Hunter, Nelson, New Brunswick, New York, Niagara, Northern Light, Oliver Mowat, Ontario, Otonabee, Perry, Philo Bennet, Pilot, Quebec, Radiant, Rough & Ready, Royal Oak, Sacramento, Sarah, Sarah Ann Marsh, Saucy Jack, Scalana, Shicalnca, Sir Charles Metcalfe, Van Straubenzee, Sligo, Speedy, Star of Hope, Suffall, Three Brothers, Trade Wind, Two Brothers, Utica, Water Witch, Wave Crest, Welland, West Wind, W. J. Suffett. Also includes information on shipbuilder Louis Shickluna.

Long, Norman Thomas

Port Hope & Cobourg Souvenir Publications

File consists of three (3) souvenir publications from Port Hope & Cobourg. It includes: (1) Town & Country Colouring book with envelope; (2) Souvenir booklet of Cobourg, courtesy of A. J. Gould, Druggist; (3) Two copies of the Port Hope Leisure Guide for 1991/1992.

Long, Norman Thomas

Port Hope Architectural & Historical Inventory

File consists of an architectural and historical inventory of Walton Street between Mill Street and Pine Street. Booklet created by Jane Staunton, Karen Ingram and Lynn M. Flatley. The inventory includes pictures, maps and research completed by LACAC. Also an index of block numbers, building names, and dates. Each block has a short history written on it, including architectural characteristics, architect, location and year of building.

Long, Norman Thomas

Port Hope Business Advertising

File consists of thirty-six (36) newspaper clippings of business advertising from c1938. The businesses include: A. W. George, G. G. Facey, Ganaraska Antique Studio, A. G. Dawson, Brown's Quality Grocery, Massey-Harris, S. S. Budge, G. M. Bosnell, G. E. Garnett, R. S. Brown, Coleman Electric, Harry Black, Hersey Motor, Fulford's, Hood Knitting Co., Jex Smith, Hutchings, W. K. Swan, Maher Shoe Store, Margles, Plummers, Alf Outram, Tickell's, Watson's, Smith & Mitchell, Roberts Bros. Market, The Specialty Shop, Stephenson & Lent, Reynolds & Wickett, Port Hope Fair 1938, G. A. Smith.

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