Falconbridge Limited

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Falconbridge Limited

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1982 - 2006


In 1982, Falconbridge Nickel Mines (1928-1982) became Falconbridge Limited. Under Superior Oil ownership, the company focused on global expansion in the mining industry. During the early 1980’s, the company suffered a deficit (a loss of $81,000,000 in 1982) until the fourth quarter of 1983. In 1985, Superior Oil was purchased by Mobil who then sold their Falconbridge Limited shares to Dome Mines. Falconbridge also acquired Kidd Creek Mines (gold, silver, copper and zinc). In 1988, Falconbridge Limited was sold to Amax Incorporated for $2,420,000,000. In 1989, Noranda Incorporated and Trelleborg AB jointly acquired Falconbridge Limited and the company became private.

In 1994, the company began selling stocks again to raise capital after another loss in 1993. As a result, it regained its public company status. In 1996, Falconbridge Limited commenced a growth plan which over a 15 year duration doubled nickel production. Falconbridge developed a nickel and copper mine in Raglan, Quebec and a copper mine in Collahuasi, Chile.

In 2006, Xstrata acquired Falconbridge Limited for $22,000,000,000 and the new company became Xstrata Nickel.

Falconbridge Limited Presidents
William James, 1982-1989
Alex Balogh, 1989
Franklin Pickard, 1990-1996
Alex Balough, 1996
Oyvind Hushovd, 1996-2002
Derek Pannell, 2002-2006


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Falconbridge Nickel Mines Limited (1928 - 1982)

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Falconbridge Nickel Mines Limited is the predecessor of Falconbridge Limited

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1928 - 1982

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