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"C.C.M. Exercise Book" 1926-1932

Item is an edition of "C.C.M. Exercise Book" for High School Entrance Examination Papers (Ontario), c1926-1932. It is inscribed as belonging to Irene Watts of Port Hope High School, and contains a sponsored add for John T. Steen Walton Street Port Hope 277W and 277J.

"The Polar Seas and Regions" Book

Item is a book which was presented as an award. The book plate reads "This prize for proficiency in bookkeeping was presented to John S. Gibson a pupil in the United Grammar of Common Schools, Port Hope, Dec 24th 1866." The book includes maps and illustrations.


  • ON00120 023-1-.1-2-.196-14
  • Item
  • September 1940
  • Part of Sudbury Star

One image of the abandoned schoolhouse in Sellwood, Ontario.

1978 municipal election

Series consists of campaign literature for the 1978 Ontario municipal election, in Mississauga, Brampton, and Caledon.

Coverage is limited by response. For example, while the Town of Caledon mayoral race is covered, Brampton and Mississauga candidates did not submit material. The only school trustees to submit were running in the Separate School campaign.


  • ON00120 047-1-1-2
  • Item
  • [Between 1948 and 1949]
  • Part of C.R. Judd

Item is part 2B of a grade eight social studies lesson plan consisting of sixteen sections that cover British history and the development of democracy in the western world. The sixteen sections include: "Part B" [an introduction], "The British Isles," "The Normans in England," "The Crusades," "Scotland in the Middle Ages," "Elizabethan England," "Additional Explorers," "Freedom in Government," "Types of Government," "National Freedom," "Individual Freedom," "The Establishment, Growth, and Influence of the Christian Church in Britain," "Slavery," "The Establishment of Colonies in North America," "Britain To-day" and "Winston Churchill."


  • ON00120 047-1-1-3
  • Item
  • [Between 1948 and 1949]
  • Part of C.R. Judd

Item is part 2C of a grade eight social studies lesson plan consisting of two sections, "Part C" which is an introduction and "The Great Dominions and Ireland" which covers the history and geography of the British Commonwealth of Nations. The second section is further subdivided into six topics which include: "The Dominion of Canada," "The Union of South Africa," "India," "Australia," "New Zealand" and "Ireland." Three newspaper clippings have been placed in between pages in the lesson plan.

(Articles from identified newspapers include: "No Union in Ireland: Partition There to Stay, N.Y. Times Writer Finds," The Globe and Mail, March 10, 1948, p. 17)

(Articles from unidentified newspapers include: "India, Pakistan Involved in New Areas of Conflict" and "Chile Sets up 2nd Base Over British Protests.")

2D - 2E

  • ON00120 047-1-1-4
  • Item
  • [Between 1948 and 1949]
  • Part of C.R. Judd

Item is part 2D and part 2E of a grade eight social studies lesson plan. Part 2D covers the smaller units within the British Commonwealth of Nations and is split into seven sections which include: "Part D" [an introduction], "Smaller British Possessions," "British Possessions in Africa and African Waters," "British Possessions in Asia and Asiatic Waters," "Oceania," "British Possessions in North America and North American Waters" and "British Possessions in South America and South American Waters." Part E consists of an overview of the British Empire and repeats much of the information covered in the grade eight social studies lesson plan parts 2C and 2D.


  • ON00120 023-1-.1-4-.341-1
  • Item
  • December 1942
  • Part of Sudbury Star

One image of Mrs. H. Kilpatrick's Kindergarten class performing for their mothers as the "Rhythm Band" at their annual Christmas Party. In the back row, from left to right, are Roy Hood, Catherine Cressey, Mitchell Wolrich, Patsy Ruddy, Ronny Bauslaugh and Bobby Savage. In the front row, from left to right, are Jane MacDowall, Fred Salsbury, Beverley McGinnis, Garry Martin, Deanna Strugness, Andy Grant and Scott Maitland.


  • ON00120 047-1-1-5
  • Item
  • [Between 1948 and 1949]
  • Part of C.R. Judd

Item is part 3A of a grade eight social studies lesson plan. Part 3A includes an acknowledgment section, an introduction to social studies, a table of contents for the grade eight social studies lesson plan part 2(A - E) and a condensed version of the grade eight social studies lesson plan part 2A.


  • ON00120 023-1-.1-3-.68-1
  • Item
  • August 1941 (originally created February 1939)
  • Part of Sudbury Star

One image of Central Public School on Elgin Street in Sudbury, Ontario.

8mm Film

Series consists of films significant to the history of Trinity College School. Included are student-made films and film recordings of football games.

A Brief Survey of The History of The Capreol Public School

  • ON00120 047-4-1
  • File
  • 1937 - 1946
  • Part of C.R. Judd

File contains "A Brief Survey of The History of The Capreol Public School" written by C.R. Judd, principal of Capreol Public School from 1926 to 1964. The 'brief survey' includes a handwritten timeline of events, a chronological list of the school teachers, a chronological list of school board members and trustees and a copy of a typed, annotated letter from Judd to Inspector of Public Schools L.L. Skuce regarding the history of Capreol Public School.

A.A. Harcourt Vernon Photo Albums

Consists of two albums containing photographs of students, staff, landscapes and recreational pursuits depicting life at Trinity College School circa 1911-1912. Also contains rugby and drama programmes. Curated by A.A. Harcourt Vernon.

Academic Books

Series consists of books used by Trinity College School students and staff in academic instruction. Included are textbooks, style guides, and workbooks.


This series consists of the administrative records created and/or retained by the Springfield School Board.
The records include attendance forms, correspondence, Trustees' Declarations, newspaper advertisements and notices, and motions and resolutions.

Springfield Public School Board

Administrative Scrapbook 1926

This scrapbook contains newspaper clippings and programs detailing special events at the school during this time. Also included are examination schedules and results as well as correspondence from the headmaster regarding internal affairs.

Administrative records

  • CA ON00389 7.0-7.2
  • Subseries
  • 1966-1994, predominant 1983-1985
  • Part of Henri Nouwen fonds

Sub-series consists of administrative materials relating to activities which Nouwen performed as a university professor within the administrative and social frameworks of the academic setting.

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