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Alma College International Alumnae Association fonds

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  • 1901-2002 (Produção)

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3.3 m of textual records ca. 200 photographs The records are generally in good condition.

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The Alma Daughters Society was organized by Emma Sisk in February 1901. The organization included past female teachers and students who were united by their interest in continuing to support college fellowship. The association quickly became known as the “Alumnae Association” and worked to support the college through a variety of special events, gifts and fund-raising. In 1908 the charter of the school was amended to provide for the organization of ex-students known as “Alma Daughters”. This organization received the right to elect three members each year, for a term of one year, to the Alma College Board of Management. The original name "Alma Daughters" was changed to "Alma College Alumnae" in 1931 to reflect the growth of the association. The alumnae were divided into geographical chapters primarily within Ontario. Throughout the years international chapters were added. For example, in 1998 a Bermudian chapter was added at the annual reunion in Bermuda. Semi-annual and annual meetings were held each year in addition to monthly chapter meetings and social events. At the 1994 Alumnae Semi-Annual Meeting, in anticipation of the planned reopening of Alma College as a co-educational institution, the members voted to change their name to the "Alma College Alumni" to include future male members. However, after the college did not reopen the members decided that they wished to be known once again as "Alumnae". In January 1995, at the Semi-Annual Meeting the name, "Alma College International Alumnae Association", was adopted to reflect both the international aspect and uniqueness of the all female association. The association continues to operate today.

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The archives of the Alma College International Alumnae Association were compiled when the Alma College Archives was established in 1985. In 1989 accounts, minute books and correspondence from alumnae chapters were actively sought for inclusion in the collection. Alma College retained custody of the alumnae records on site until the Alma College Board of Management filed for bankruptcy in September 1994. On October 19, 1994 Price Waterhouse Inc. of London was appointed interim receiver. The records were then subsequently purchased by permission of court order by a group of alumnae committed to preserving the college and its contents, in November 1997. Soon after, the alumnae moved the records to Central Church in St. Thomas, sorted the records and transferred the business and personal records to the United Church of Canada Archives. Student transcripts were transferred to the Ontario Ministry of Education. The alumnae originally intended to donate the remaining records to the Elgin County Pioneer Museum. However, Mr. Steve Peters, the Mayor of St. Thomas and past volunteer Archivist for Alma College, offered an empty office at City Hall for storage of the remaining records in November 1998. Subsequently, the alumnae then moved the records to Raven's Shoe Store in St. Thomas. In March 2000 the records were futhermore moved from the shoe store to the Elgin County Administration Building. At the 2002 Alma College International Alumnae Association Reunion, the alumnae voted to transfer the records to the Elgin County Archives. The alumnae donated the records to the Elgin County Archives later the same year.

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Fonds consists of the records of international alumnae chapters including minutes, accounts, correspondence, membership lists, constitutions, scrapbooks, The Bulletin, legal records, invitations, programs and photographs. Fonds is comprised of the following series: The Bulletin Miscellaneous records International Council records Branch records Address books and membership lists Reunions Gail McGilvary records Legal records International Alumnae Networking Directory Questionnaire Photographs Semi-annual meetings Students at Alma Newsletters Ingeborg Anderson's scrapbook

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