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  • Algoma-region

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Algoma, District of

BT Ontario

Algoma, District of

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Algoma, District of

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Algoma, District of

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Thessalon Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1929
  • Fonds
  • 1882-1975

Fonds consists of records of Thessalon Methodist Circuit (includes Thessalon, Ansonia, Kivingston Creek, McBeth's Bay), 1882-1915; circuit register of Day Mills Methodist Circuit (includes Day Mills, Kirkwood, Ansley, Iron Bridge, Wharncliffe), 1891-1908; Missionary Society collection book of Wharncliffe Methodist Circuit (includes Wharncliffe, Kirkwood), 1907; Trustees minutes and financial records of Alma Heights Methodist Church, 1900-1908; marriages, 1908-1917 and Session minutes, 1908-1915, of Sowerby Presbyterian Pastoral Charge (includes Sowerby, Little Rapids, Livingston Creek, Goldenburgh, Patton, Parkinson), 1908-1917; marriages of Day Mills Presbyterian Church, 1898-1901; marriage register of Spanish River Presbyterian Church, 1900-1901; records, including baptisms, 1908-1915, of Livingston Creek Presbyterian Church, 1906-1915; records, including baptisms, 1902-1917, marriages, 1902-1913, burials, 1902-1917, of Thessalon Union Pastoral Charge (includes Thessalon Methodist Circuit, Thessalon Union Church, Alma Heights), 1902-1923; collection book of Alma Heights Union Church (includes Milltown [now Alma Heights] Presbyterian Church), 1906-1918; marriages of Thessalon Union Church (includes Zion Presbyterian Church in Thessalon), 1907-1919; circuit register of Livingston Creek Pastoral Charge (includes Iron Bridge Methodist Circuit [includes Iron Bridge, Dayton, Livingston Creek], Sowerby Union circuit [includes Sowerby, Livingston Creek, Little Rapids, Dayton], Livingston Creek. Sowerby, Dayton, Little Rapids, Wharncliffe), 1910-1937; marriages of Thessalon Pastoral Charge (includes Sowerby Union Circuit, Livingston Creek Pastoral Charge, Thesslon, Livingston Creek, Dayton, Little Rapids, Alma Heights), 1917-1948; records, including baptisms, 1905-1936, of Little Rapids United Church (includes Little Rapids Presbyterian Church, Little Rapids Union Church), 1896-1975; records, of Alma Heights United Church (includes Knox Presbyterian Church in Lefroy Township, Alma Heights Union Church), 1906-1968; records, including baptisms, 1907-1959, 1961, marriages, 1920-1938, of Zion United Church, Thessalon (includes Zion presbyterian Church, Thessalon Union Church)

Thessalon Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

Echo Bay Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1367
  • Fonds
  • 1882-1988

Fonds consists of a circuit register of Echo Bay Methodist Circuit (includes Garden River Methodist Mission, Port Findlay Methodist Misson, Sylvan Valley, Leeburn, Laird, Tarbutt, Gordon Lake, Bar River), 1888-1912; circuit register of Gordon Lake Methodist Circuit (includes Sylvan Valley Methodist Mission, Leeburn, Portlock), 1894-1915; baptism register of Bar River Presbyterian Pastoral Charge (includes Laird, Echo Bay, Sylvan Valley), 1908-1917; records, including baptisms, 1882-1922, of MacLennan Union Church, 1882-1925; records, including baptisms, 1903-1944, marriages, 1899-1949, burials, 1902-1949, of Echo Bay Pastoral Charge (includes Echo Bay Methodist Circuit, Echo Bay Union Circuit, Bar River, Sylvan Valley, MacLennan), 1889-1971; records, including baptisms, 1923-1937, marriages, 1902-1936, of MacLennan Pastoral Charge (includes MacLennan Presbyterian Pastoral Charge, MacLennan Union Charge, Desbarats, Portlock, Bar River), 1902-1942; records of Echo Bay United Church (includes Echo Bay Union Church), 1924-1988; records, including marriages, 1937-1942, of MacLennan United Church (includes Maclennan Presbyterian Church, MacLennan Union Church), 1890-1978; records of Bar River United Church, 1925-1978

Echo Bay Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

St. Joseph Island Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F2936
  • Fonds
  • 1884-1970

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1905-1912, marriages, 1905-1917, and burials, 1905-1917, of St. Joseph Island Methodist Circuit (includes Hilton, Kaskawan, Mountain in Jocelyn, Tenby Bay, Richards Landing, Cedar Grove, Bethel and Riverside), 1884-1917; records of Richards Landing Methodist Church, 1898-1916; records of Melville Presbyterian Church, 1894-1916; records of Ferguson Memorial Presbyterian Church, Richards Landing, 1904-1914; financial records of Mountain Presbyterian Church, Jocelyn, 1909-1919; board and committee minutes of Marksville Union Church (now Hilton Beach), 1917-1925; records, including baptisms, 1900-1954, marriages, 1896-1954, and burials, 1931-1954, of St. Joseph Island Pastoral Charge (includes Richards Landing Presbyterian Circuit, Pleasant Valley, Tendby Bay, St. Mark's United Church at Richards Landing, Tendy, Mountain, Kaskawan, Harmony, Hilton Beach, Richards Landing, Zion), 1896-1954; annual meeting minutes of Zion United Church, I Line, St. Joseph Island (includes Zion Methodist Church, I Line Union Church), 1905-1943; annual meeting minutes of Mountain United Church, Jocelyn (includes Mountain Presbyterian Church), 1913-1957; records, including baptisms, 1917-1951, marriages, 1904-1932, and burials, 1917-1949, of Grace United Church, Hilton Beach (includes Marksville Union Church), 1904-1970; records of Harmony United Church, Richards Landing (includes Ferguson Memorial Presbyterian Church, Ferguson Union Church), 1896-1953; and records, including marriages, 1903-1935, of St. Mark's United Church, Richards Landing (includes Richards Landing Methodist Church, Melville Presbyterian Church, and Richards Landing Union Church), 1892-1957.

St. Joseph Island Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

Patteson Family Photograph fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1890 - 1894

The fonds consists of photographic negatives featuring members of the Patteson family. Most of the photographs on the glass plate negatives were taken by Rose MacInnes (nee Patteson) and feature the Pattesons on their estate in Eastwood, Ontario (the former Admiral Henry Vansittart property). The film negatives feature Daisy (Christine Millicent) Moss (nee Patteson) and her son Pat (Thomas) Moss.

It is arranged into the following series and subseries:

Series 1: Glass Negatives - Eastwood
Series 2: Film Negatives - Pat & Daisy Moss

MacInnes, Rose Louise

Bruce Mines Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1902
  • Fonds
  • 1892-1965

Fonds consists of Quarterly Official Board minutes of Bruce Mines Methodist Circuit (includes Bruce Mines, Cloudslee), 1906-1917; baptisms, 1905-1917, marriages, 1896-1917, 1919, of Bruce Mines's Presbyterian Pastoral Charge (includes Bruce Mines, Rydal Bank); Woman's Christian Temperance Union minutes of Bruce Mines's Union Church (includes Bruce Mines Methodist Church), 1916-1925; records, including baptisms, 1903-1951, marriages, 1896-1965, burials, 1903-1953, of Bruce Mines Pastoral Charge (includes Bruce Mines Methodist Circuit, Bruce Mines Union Circuit (includes Bruce Mines, Cloudslee, Rydal Bank), Bruce Mines, Cloudslee, Port Lock (now Port Law), Desbarats), 1896-1965; Board and Committee minutes of Port Lock United Church (now Port Law) (includes Port Lock Presbytereian Church, Port Lock Union Church), 1892-1952

Bruce Mines Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

East Korah - Maxwell Pastoral Charge (Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1913
  • Fonds
  • 1895-1995

Fonds consists of Trustee/congregational minutes of East Korah Methodist Church, Sault Ste. Marie, 1896-1924; Official Board minutes of Sault Ste. Marie Suburban Pastoral Charge (includes Sault Ste. Marie South Suburban Methodist Circuit (includes Tarentorus Methodist Circuit, East Korah, West Korah, Tarentorus, and Prince Churches in Sault Ste. Marie), Prince, Maxwell, East Korah and Tarantous Churches in Sault Ste. Marie), 1895-1953; Board and Committee minutes and financial records of East Korah - Maxwell Pastoral Charge, Sault Ste. Marie (includes Sault Ste. Marie Suburban Pastoral Charge, East Korah and Maxwell Churches in Sault Ste. Marie), 1953-1995; Board and Committee minutes of Maxwell United Church, Sault Ste. Marie (includes Sault Ste. Marie Union Church), 1918-1969; records of East Korah United Church, Sault Ste. Marie, 1946-1994

East Korah - Maxwell Pastoral Charge (Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.)

Massey Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1907
  • Fonds
  • 1897-1973

Fonds consists of Sunday School financial record book of Lee Valley Methodist Church, 1901-1918; property records of Spanish Station Presbyterian Church, 1897-1902; records, including baptisms, 1898-1935, marriages, 1897-1970, burials, 1935-1971, of Massey Pastoral Charge (includes Massey Methodist Circuit (includes Massey, Walford, Spanish), Massey Presbyterian Church, Massey Union Charge, St. Andrew's Church in Massey, Walford, Zion Church in Spanish), 1897-1971; records of Walford United Church (includes Walford Union Church), 1924-1973; records of Lee Valley United Church, 1936-1964.

Massey Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

John Wesley United Church (Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1871
  • Fonds
  • 1901-2015

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1903-1912, of John Street Methodist Church, Sault Ste. Marie (formerly Steelton Church), 1902-1925; records, including baptisms, 1903-1936, 1944-2015, marriages, 1903-2015, burials, 1903-1905, 1913, 1928-1936, 1946-2015, of John Wesley United Church, Sault Ste. Marie (includes John Street Methodist Church), 1901-2015; records, including baptisms, 1920-1931, 1938-1965, marriages, 1921-1966 (includes Bruce Hill and Sault West United Churches), and burials, 1920-1930, 1938-1957, of All People's United Church, 1914-1966.

John Wesley United Church (Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.)

Brotherhood of Railway Carmen, Local 187 fonds

  • CA ON00159 P015
  • Fonds
  • 1902-1992, predominant 1980-1984

The fonds consists of records that are directly related to the organization of Local 187. The records include: original charters for Locals 187 and 192, their constitution and by-laws, reports, minutes, convention proceedings, and collective agreements booklets. These documents provide some insight to the operation of union locals that represented Railway Carmen in Northeastern Ontario, and their position within the context of the larger organization. When the Canadian Division joined CAW, individual locals of the Rail Division gained more prominence at the national level.

Brotherhood of Railway Carmen. Local 187

Cloudslee United Church (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1865
  • Fonds
  • 1917-1933

Fonds consists of Woman's Missionary Society minutes of Cloudslee United Church (includes Cloudslee Methodist Church), 1917-1933

Cloudslee United Church (Ont.)

Foleyet United Church (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1970
  • Fonds
  • 1917-1952

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1921-1942, marriages, 1937-1938, burials, 1922-1939, of Foleyet Pastoral Charge (includes Foleyet Methodist Curcuit [includes Foleyet, Elsas], Foleyet, Westree, Tionga, Gogama), 1920-1942; records, including baptisms, 1939-1940, of Foleyet United Church (includes Foleyet Methodist Church), 1917-1952.

Foleyet United Church (Ont.)

Hornepayne Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1971
  • Fonds
  • 1921-1957

Fonds consists of union board minutes, of Hornepayne Union Church, 1921-1922; records, including baptisms, 1923-1957, marriages, 1923-1956, burials, 1926-1956, of Hornepayne Pastoral Charge (includes Hornepayne Union Church, Hornepayne, Longlac, Stevens, Caramat).

Hornepayne Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

Port Credit to Vancouver

File consists of a 40 page privately published book, printed at The Charters Pub. Co. Ltd., Brampton. It details a trip made by G. W. Gordon, James Lightfoot, John Thomson, Reuben Lush, and Margaret Lush, beginning 30 August 1922 and finishing 3 October 1922.

White River Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1935
  • Fonds
  • 1926-1981

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1926-1931, marriages, 1940-1966, burials, 1936-1961, of White River Pastoral Charge (includes White River, Franz, Goudreau, Hawk Junction, Nicholson, Dalton Mills), 1926-1981; records, including baptisms, 1970-1972, marriages, 1976-1981, burials, 1970-1980, of Calvary United Church, White River

White River Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

Bayview United Church (Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1910
  • Fonds
  • 1927-1959

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1927-1928, 1943-1948; marriages, 1927, 1929; and burials, 1926, 1929, 1930, of Bayview United Church, Sault Ste. Marie, 1921-1959

Bayview United Church (Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.)

St. Andrew's United Church (Blind River, Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1622
  • Fonds
  • 1930-1939

Fonds consists of Woman's Missionary Society minutes, 1930-1939, of St. Andrew's United Church, Blind River.

St. Andrew's United Church (Blind River, Ont.)

Prince United Church (Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1914
  • Fonds
  • 1946-1960

Fonds consists of baptisms, 1946-1960, marriages, 1948-1957, burials, 1949-1950, congregational minutes, 1948-1950, and financial records, 1948-1960, of Prince United Church, Sault Ste. Marie

Prince United Church (Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.)

Emmanuel United Church (Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1643
  • Fonds
  • 1952-1989

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1952-1958, 1975, marriages, 1954-1976, and burials, 1954-1982, of Emmanuel United Church, Sault Ste. Marie (includes All People's Mission, Sault Ste. Marie), 1952-1989.

Emmanuel United Church (Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.)

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