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Grace Patterson Women's Institute

  • Corporate body
  • 1919-1989

Adelaide Hoodless inspired the creation of Women’s Institutes in order to educated women on the signifance of home and country. She also created Home Economics courses for schools and gave speeches about the importance of creating a healthy home for the family. Her aims and goals are reflected in the Women’s Institutes of Canada which strive to make their communities safe and happy as well as reaching out to the less fortunate in Canada and countries around the world.

In 1919, a group of girls started the Grace Country Club in honour of Grace Patterson who was doing missionary work in India. The club continued in this way until 1945 when members wanted an organization change. Officers were nominated and the club became part of the Federated Women’s Institutes of Ontario. The W.I. contributes to projects and programs in their community of Thamesford.

In 1989, it was decided to disband the Grace Patterson W.I. due to a decrease in new membership and the difficulty in nominating new officers. A vote was taken which resulted in an 18-1 vote for disbanding.