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Thompson, David, 1836-1886

David Thompson was born in 1836 in Haldimand County, Ontario. He inherited his father's property, Ruthven House, near Cayuga, Ont. in 1851. He later married Elizabeth Stinson, daughter of a prominent Hamilton banker. He was elected a member of the Legislative Assembly of Canada in 1863 and served until 1886. He served as Major in the 37th Battalion. He trained and commanded militiai in readiness for the 1866 Fenian raids. David Thompson died in 1886.

Harold C. Adkins

Harold C. Adkins was the last reeve of the Township of Nelson, Ontario. He was first elected in 1952 and served until Nelson Township was annexed by the new City of Burlington in 1957. The township was perhaps most notable for its attempt to annex the Town of Burlington.