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Irwin, George, photographer
Personne · fl. 1904-1916

George Irwin was a resident of Gore Bay, Ontario, and was an amateur photographer.

Lane, John, 1862-1936
Personne · 1862-1936

John Lane (1862-1936) worked at the Imperial Bank in Toronto, and was an amateur photographer.

He spent most of his career in Toronto, although he lived in Burlington, Ontario for a number of years ca. 1912. Lane concentrated primarily on landscape photography, and was an early member of the Toronto Camera Club.

McWilliams, Charles A., d. ca. 1920
Personne · d. ca. 1920

Rev. Charles A. McWilliams (d. ca. 1920) was a Roman Catholic priest in the Archdiocese of Kingston in the late 19th and early 20th century and an amateur photographer.

Among his parishes were Railton (St. Patrick (1874- 1897), and the mission churches of St. Linus, Bath and St. Bartholomew, Amherst Island, (also 1874- 1897). Educated in the United States, McWilliams was a school acquaintance of M,tis leader Louis Riel, and later became a vocal opponent of Prime Minister Sir John A. Macdonald's handling of the Riel Rebellion in 1885. McWilliams is reported to have attended Riel's November 1885 execution in Regina. He wrote letters of protest to Macdonald and to Governor-General Lansdowne. In the outcry that followed, McWilliams was ordered by the Bishop of Kingston to make a public apology.

Russell, R.J., ca. 1890-1974
Personne · ca. 1890-1974

R.J. Russell (ca. 1890-1974) was a professional photographer, primarily based in Listowel, Ontario.

Born in England in either 1890 or 1891, Russell emigrated to Canada, and settled in the Canadian North, returning to England with the Canadian Expeditionary Force during World War One. After the war, Russell returned to Canada, settling in Haileybury, Ontario. He moved to Listowel, Ontario after losing his home and business in the 1922 Haileybury fire, and in 1923 bought the negatives of Frank Lee's Kincardine, Ontario photography studio. Russell set up a new photo studio in Listowel, and continued to operate it until his death in 1974.

Kohl, Harry B., 1923-1973
Personne · 1923-1973

Harry Bernard Kohl (1923-1973) was a Toronto, Ontario architect.

Born in Toronto, Kohl received a Bachelor of Architecture degree the School of Architecture University of Toronto in 1947. Between 1943 and 1949, he apprenticed with J.E. Hoare Jr., J.J.I. English, James Haffa, Gordon S. Adamson, Earle Morgan and Mathers and Haldenby. From 1949 until his death in 1973, Kohl had his own practice and was known as a leading architect for the Toronto Jewish community.

In 1959, he practiced with John L. McFarland as McFarland and Kohl.

Canadian Car and Foundry
Collectivité · 1909-1955

The Canadian Car and Foundry Company Limited of Montreal, Quebec, manufactured railway and urban transportation rolling stock, ships, and aeroplanes.

The company was created in November 1909 with the amalgamation of the nation's three largest railway rolling stock manufacturers. Beginning with foundries, lumber operations, and fabrication plants in Quebec and the Maritimes, the company moved into the new field of steel body casting and construction. The company quickly purchased the Montreal Steel Works of Longue Pointe, Quebec, and the Ontario Iron and Steel Company of Welland, Ontario, reorganizing them into the Canadian Steel Foundries Limited, the largest steel casting producer in Canada. By World War I, the company had also purchased a foundry in Brantford and erected a fabrication plant in Fort William, Ontario.

By 1920, the company's operations included steel production, shipbuilding, and the manufacturing of luxury wooden railway cars, steel passenger and sleeper cars, grain and freight rolling stock, and electric streetcars. Working with design and production partners in other countries, the company served rail and urban transportation needs in Canada, the United States, Brazil, and much of southern Africa. With the coming of World War II, the company further diversified into aircraft, bus, and motor coach manufacture.

In 1955, aircraft company A.V. Roe Canada Limited purchased the Canadian Car Company Limited or "Can-Car" as it was then known, and closed most of the rolling stock plants. Acquisition of A.V. Roe Canada by British-based Hawker Siddeley Limited resulted in further steel plant closures and a new focus on the manufacture of aeroplanes and urban transportation systems. In 1973, with the assistance of the Ontario Government, the operations were organized into the Urban Transportation Development Corporation Limited and, in 1992, acquired by the Bombardier Group.

McCracken, Henry J.
Personne · fl. 1986

Henry J. McCracken was a pilot and base manager with Austin Airways of Sudbury and Timmins, Ontario.

McMurrich and Oxley (firm)
Collectivité · 1953-1987

McMurrich and Oxley was a Toronto, Ontario architectural firm, established in 1953 as Somerville, McMurrich and Oxley, and wound up around 1987.

The firm was established by Loren Arthur Oxley (b. 1917) and Norman Hay McMurrich (b. 1920). They had each been partners in the architectural firm of Somerville, McMurrich and Oxley, formed in 1953. Previously, McMurrich had joined Somerville's firm in 1947 and Oxley in 1950. Somerville died in 1965 but the name Somerville continued in the firm's style until 1980. The firm of McMurrich and Oxley continued until 1987.

Clegg, William T., 1796-1894
Personne · 1796-1894

William T. Clegg (1796-1894) was an artist and a Clerk of Cheque with the Royal Engineers for the Rideau Canada Construction active from 1826 to 1845.

Clegg emigrated to Canada from Ireland in 1827 with the Royal Engineers. Clegg knew and worked with John Burrows, the Clerk of the Works, on the Rideau Canal system who also documented the Rideau Canada Construction. Clegg remained in Ottawa until his death is 1894.

Black, J.H. (James Henry), b. 1874
Personne · b. 1874

J.H. Black (b. 1874) was a teacher and amateur photographer in Colchester, Essex County, during the late nineteenth century.

James Henry Black, born on 11 September 1874 at Trenton, Ontario, was the son of James Black, grocer, and Jane Carlton. He became a school teacher and in 1901 was boarding with the family of John and Margaret Wilson. He was also an amateur photographer, his subjects being places and people in the area of Colchester, Ontario, including Grace Baldwin, daughter of the Wilsons' neighbours, Whitson and Georgiana Baldwin.

CHIN Radio/TV International
Collectivité · 1964-

CHIN Radio/Television International, Inc. produces multicultural programming for broadcast in Toronto and surrounding areas.

Incorporated in 1964, CHIN is composed of television facilities and two radio stations, AM 1540 and FM 100.7. The organization was established in 1965 by Johnny Lombardi, and began broadcasting in 1966. In 1967 CHIN obtained an FM radio license.

Canada Packers
Collectivité · 1927-1990

Canada Packers, Inc. (now Maple Leaf Foods, Inc.) was a Toronto-based meat packing and processing company.

The company was formed out of a succession of mergers with predecessor companies. These include the William Davies Company, Ltd. (est. 1854), the Canadian Packing Company, Ltd. (est. 1868 as the George Matthews Company), Gunns Ltd. (est. 1876), and the Harris Abattoir Company, Ltd. (est. 1896). These firms merged in 1927 to form Canada Packers, Ltd., which became Canada Packers Inc. in 1980. In 1990 Canada Packers Inc. merged with British based Maple Leaf Mills, Ltd. to form Maple Leaf Foods, Inc.

Bellevue Pathé Quebec
Collectivité · [197-]

Bellevue Pathé Quebec was a film production laboratory, and closed its Montreal office in 1977.

Scott, Duncan Campbell, 1862-1947
Personne · 1862-1947

Duncan Campbell Scott (1862-1947) was a civil servant, poet and amateur photographer in Ontario active between 1880 and 1947.

He was born in Ottawa, Canada West. He was educated in various schools in Ontario and Quebec and at Stanstead College, Quebec. He became a clerk in the department of Indian Affairs in Ottawa at the age of seventeen. He remained in the department and in 1923 became Deputy Superintendent. In 1923 he was the Deputy Superintendent General for the federal government. His responsibilities included representing the Federal Government in intergovernmental negotiations with the aboriginal peoples in landholding agreements and establishing treaty settlements. As Commissioner in the first of two Commissioners' visit in 1905- 6 (the other in 1929-30) to Northern Ontario, Scott was instrumental in submitting Treaty No.9 to the Governor General for ratification in January, 1907.

Scott was also an amateur photographer and during the Commissioners' visit in 1905- 6 to the James Bay area he photographed the native population and scenery.

He was an author of poetry and fiction, and published many volumes of each. Throughout his career in Ottawa he actively corresponded with Melvin O. Hammond in Toronto, while the latter was literary editor of the Globe and contributed many essays to the newspaper.

In 1899, Scott was elected a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada to which in 1921 -1922 he served as its president. In the same year, the University of Toronto conferred on him the degree of D.Litt.

He died in Ottawa in 1947.

Playing With Time, Inc.
Collectivité · 1976-

Playing With Time, Inc. (PWT) is a Toronto-based television production company which was established in 1976.

PWT produced a weekly television series entitled "Degrassi Junior High," which focussed upon a group of high school teenagers and the issues that they faced.

"Degrassi Junior High" was an outgrowth of the original television series entitled "Kids of Degrassi," which began in 1979, and ended its television run as "Degrassi High" in 1991. The series was a co-production of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, but PWT retains copyright.

Connon (family)

The Connon family were resident in Elora, Ontario in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. They operated a general store and a photographic studio.

Robertson, Archibald
Personne · fl. 1922-1957

Archibald Robertson was a prospector and amateur photographer.

Loudon, W.J. (William James), 1860-1951
Personne · 1860-1961

William James Loudon (1860-1951) was a professor of physics and amateur photographer in Ontario.

Loudon was educated at Toronto's Upper Canada College and the University of Toronto. In 1881 he was appointed a demonstrator in the department of physics at Toronto, and retired in 1930 as Professor Emeritus of Mechanics.

Loudon was also the author of a number of publications, including "Fasti," "Standards of Length and Weight," "Lunar Tide on Lake Huron," amongst other writings. Loudon married Gertrude Richardson in 1882, and Elizabeth Lenahan in 1925, and was the father of one son and two daughters. In 1898 he co-founded the Madawska Club in Georgian Bay, Ontario with C.H.C. Wright. Mount Loudon in the Canadian Rockies was named after him in 1930 by the Canadian Geographical Board.

Peters, H., d. 1922
Personne · d. 1922

H. Peters (d. 1922) was a South Porcupine, Ontario-based photographer.

Johnson, C.H.B.
Personne · fl. 1906-1908

C.H.B. Johnson was a salesman for Thomas Meredith Hardware and was an amateur photographer based in Toronto.