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L.B. Denton and Company

  • Entidade coletiva
  • 17 July 1899 - 1927

L. B. Denton and Company were manufacturers of furniture and hardware casters in Woodstock, Oxford County, Ontario from July 17th 1899 to 1927. The Factory was located at 344 Dundas Street.

The company was registered, in August 1899, as a partnership between Levi B. Denton, of Woodstock and Mrs. Azalena Youell, of Grand Rapids, Michigan. In addition to the local market, they supplied casters to Western Canada, Nova Scotia, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand.

In 1914, the company came under the management of Robert N. Ball, a Woodstock Lawyer and County Court Attorney, as part of an estate settlement. In 1923, the Company with registered to William King Bell, of Woodstock, Ontario.

L.B. Denton and Company eventually went out of business in 1927.